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Using CRM-technologies should have a positive effect on the organization: provide maximum assistance in solving tasks of customer relations management, facilitate efficient conduct of operating activity and uncover the organization’s potential. And yet, achieving an optimal use of the CRM-system is not an easy job.


SMS-based dialogue communications have a number of advantages versus other dialogue applications: no mobile apps must be downloaded, ensurance of almost 100% respondent outreach, and simple and clear mechanics, integration and instant response recording, instant trigger of response procedures, low cost.


Collecting customer information and increasing a subscriber base are fundamental processes without which efficient customer communications development is impossible. A competent management of information flows in the CRM-system requires integrated approach.


One of the key business efficiency indicators is customer loyalty. CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) — shows how satisfied the customer is with different factors; NPS (Net Promoter Score) — shows how committed the customer is to a merchandise or organization.


A communication strategy for service SMS and E-mail messages is the cornerstone of hitting the target KPIs of loyalty programs, e-commerce, maintenance, HR management and many other areas. Our experts leverage the best practice of using cross-channel communications in various sectors.


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Training “12 ways to increase efficiency of SMS-campaigns”

Training “Efficiency assessment of SMS-campaigns: from costs to ROI”

Training “Details rule the world: organization of SMS-distribution from A to Z”

Training “Generation and updating of subscribers’ data base is the basis of SMS-marketing”

Training “Copyrighting in SMS-marketing: how to right bright, succinct and efficient text for SMS”

Training “Communication provider consents control. Practice and real examples!”

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Salamander brand has been using SMS-messaging since 2008 and has been enjoying Devino Telecom services for already 4 years. We chose SMS as a reliable and contemporary marketing tool.

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