Salamander brand has been using SMS-informing since 2008, Devino Telecom services have been used for 4 years already - since 2011. We have chosen SMS as a reliable and modern marketing tool.

We began to use SMS-informing after the release of the Salamander club cards of a new format: the cards had a number, and with it the opportunity to identify each customer and the purchases made by him. We began to collect and process data in CRM, which gives us the basis for building the right relationships with customers. Later, when the amendments to the law “On Communications” came into force, we were ready for this: CRM kept the consent of the subscribers, collected properly. Legislative changes were perceived differently, but for us it is rather a blessing: the amount of spam in SMS has decreased, which means the effectiveness of our mailings has increased.

SMS notification is an essential channel for communication with Salamander customers. The share of the budget that we allocate to it has increased over the past 2 years and is not declining even in the conditions of economic instability. As a result of testing, we chose SMS as the only way to communicate with club card holders.

SMS brings sales growth even in the period of widespread budget optimization. Cash equipment integrated with CRM makes it possible to track the relationship between SMS advertising and sales, calculating the effectiveness of each communication. Future plans for Salamander include base segmentation based on a wide range of attributes and building a new level of communication: even more personalized and efficient.

The rules of effective SMS communication from Salamander:

Observe the frequency of communication! Let your messages be really welcome, not annoying. There are probably industries in which weekly advertising information is relevant, but this is not fashion-retail. Salamander strictly observes this simple rule, therefore calls to the call-center with regard to the mailing is only a request to sign up for the mailing list, and not vice versa.

Olga Spiridonova, Advertising and Marketing Manager, Salamander in Russia LLC